Welcome to maestroEDGE Benefits Marketplace.


Here's a thought: enrollment doesn't have to be miserable. People should be able to shop for their benefits just like they shop for everything else online. You and your team should be able to easily manage benefits all in one place.


maestroEDGE Benefits Marketplace is your personalized, online solution for benefits shopping, enrollment and management. Whether it's our complete private exchange or our leading online enrollment solution, you and your employees finally get the personalized benefits experience you deserve.

The best benefits experience ever.

We empower each of your unique employees with the tools they need to make better benefits decisions, no matter how fluent they are in the language of healthcare.


People-friendly shopping methods.

Believe it or not, most people aren't healthcare experts. We use plain language and a familiar online experience to guide employees through an effortless enrollment experience. Also, friendly design works perfectly on any computer, tablet or phone.


Enroll with swagger.

Personalized decision support tools and educational materials are available every step of the way to equip employees with the information they need to easily make the best decisions.

  • Lifestyle questions: simply answer a few quick questions about your lifestyle, and Benefits Marketplace will suggest "best-fit" plans to meet your needs.

  • Out-of-pocket cost calculators: know where you stand every step of the way with a calculator that automatically shows what you'll be paying per paycheck.

  • Gap analyzer reviews benefits selections to double-check they are the "best-fit" plans.


What's up, Doc?

Benefits Marketplace lets employees filter through plans that include their favorite doctor in-network.


With Shop By Doc, employees won't have to deal with uncertainty or worry about costly out-of-network premiums.

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Find your mSCORE.

mBRAIN makes decisions easier during enrollment by giving an mSCORE for each plan recommendation.

The higher the score, the better the fit.

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What's a cool experience without a powerful back-end?

maestroEDGE Benefits Marketplace is more than just a pretty front-end experience. Our powerful back-end administration engine makes managing benefits easier than ever - all year long.


Build your own marketplace.

  1. Stock your shelves with your plans or ours. Whether they're self-funded or fully insured, defined contribution or defined benefit, Benefits Marketplace meets you where you're at.

  2. Choose your features with our modular technology. Simply check a box, and it's yours.

  3. Make it your own by changing logos, colors, language and more.

  4. Streamline management with full support throughout the year, including eligibility verification, new hires, life events and terminations.



Meet your online portal that lets you easily track and manage all components of employee health & benefits in one place.

  • Update employee information.

  • Track participation and costs.

  • Custom reporting & analytics.

  • Track & manage claims, 401k & HSA/FSA contributions.

  • And more.



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