From pioneering success in Fortune 500 companies to building successful start-ups, Tony Dillon now serves as Chief Technology & Privacy Officer for Maestro Health. Since joining forces with Rob after their collaborative success at PayFlex and Aetna, Tony’s in-depth e-commerce, tech engineering, and innovation leadership is powering Maestro Health's vision for cutting-edge technology in the industry. With an extensive background in data security and compliance as well, Tony serves a dual role at Maestro Health as Chief Privacy Officer.  

In 1986, Tony served as Director of Research & Development for McDonalds Corp. For 11 years, he led innovation of the company’s cost-cutting digital POP display system while aiding technology efforts in over 100 countries.

After his success with McDonalds Corp., Tony served as Chief Technology Officer at FTD where he lead both     e-commerce and retail systems development for what continues to be one of the world largest online gift retailers.

Prior to joining the Maestro team, Tony was a key driver behind PayFlex’s innovative technology platform and launched the first mobile app for healthcare savings accounts.  This development and white-glove customer service application powered significant growth for PayFlex—ultimately attracting the attention of Aetna, who acquired the company in 2011.