Why employees want their employers to step it up.


It’s no secret: healthcare costs in the U.S. are astronomical. Healthcare spending has climbed to $3.5 trillion per year, leaving employers with no choice but to push some of the burden of insurance costs onto their employees. As a result, employees are noticing the impact on their paychecks and some are choosing to skip care altogether.

Maestro Health recently commissioned a survey of employed consumers in an effort to gauge their feelings about the current state of healthcare. One thing was very clear – they want their employers to step up and truly address the cost struggle and increase employees’ health outcomes.

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Here’s what our leadership team is saying.

“In the U.S., we spend more than $10,000 per person per year on healthcare, which adds up to more than $3.5 trillion. This is double what most other countries spend, yet our life expectancy is the shortest….The market is at a tipping point. Understanding what people want  when it comes to healthcare and benefits and arming consumers with the tools to enhance their literacy will help us optimize the industry and improve consumers’ individual health outcomes.”

Rob Butler | Chief Executive Officer

“Employers’ unique knowledge of their employee base affords them the opportunity to play a critical role in keeping employees happy and healthy while at the same time improving their bottom lines…It is critical for more employers to think about how they can further advance their benefit programs to deliver better health outcomes at a lower cost for all.”

Sheryl Simmons | Chief Human Resources Officer

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