Compliance, conquered.

On June 25th, 2015, The Supreme Court upheld ACA subsidies in the long awaited ruling of King v. Burwell. What does that mean for you? The ACA is here to stay, and so is the wave of new complex reporting requirements. Your compliance deadlines are drawing closer and closer. There’s no time to waste.

Other compliance “solutions” say they can do it all, but they end up putting more in your lap than you bargained for. Also, many large vendors that may be able to offer a complete solution are maxing out at full capacity until next year, which is too late for you. 

Consider compliance conquered with our comprehensive, standalone ACA compliance solution. We automate your reporting requirements, completely lifting your administrative burden. Even better – we have the capacity and scalability to work with your group due to our proprietary technology and service team.

Learn more about how our solution can conquer compliance for you and your business.

Key Dates Are Approaching. Are You Ready?

Procrastination will cost you and your business. Waiting until the last minute to decide what you are going to do is putting your business and your employees at risk for harsh penalties and even more problems down the road.

We take care of these dates for you and eliminate any risk. 

Don’t Worry. We’ve Got Your Back.  

Meet your comprehensive ACA compliance solution: 

  • Data identification

  • Data collection

  • Data conversion 

  • Code development

  • Employer transmittal forms

  • Form printing & distribution

  • Compliance consulting

  • Accepts EDI from any source (payroll, HRIS, benefits administration platform, accounting software)

Be Careful. Not All Solutions are the Same…

"Print & Ship" solutions lack the capacity to be fully scalable, and require more manual hassle on your end. Also, data analysis and code development fall into your lap. The risk of penalties is inevitable without a comprehensive, automated solution.  

Your Employee Detail Dashboard.


With an Employee Detail Dashboard, your back-end experience is user-friendly, intuitive and efficient.

  • Review and verify the ongoing reporting status of each employee, all on one screen.

  • Employee demographics reporting & tracking.

  • Detailed information for each employee is easily accessible.