Less Admin. More HR.

You don't need a solution that offers a ton of features you'll never end up using. You need something that helps you get the job done, without the added headaches. Our powerful backend admin engine makes managing benefits simple and intuitive.

Personalized Enrollment
We simplify and optimize how employees shop, enroll and live with their benefits, while ensuring all administrative tasks are processed efficiently and accurately – from personalizing decision support to transmitting elections to carriers.

Eligibility Management & Automated Admin Services
Not just for open enrollment. We handle all eligibility changes for life and work events (i.e., marital status, mailing address, dependent status etc.) while making sure your admin tasks are processed according to company policy and federal guidelines.

Core Consolidated Billing
We'll eliminate any risk of billing errors by consolidating all your carriers and products onto a single, accurate bill.

"We've Got Your Back" Service
The best technology shouldn’t come without the best service—the two go hand-in-hand. HR professionals no longer need to settle because now you can have a modern, simple way to administer employee benefits coupled with the kind of service you deserve. 

We've got your back(end).

Your (me)DASHBOARD™ tracks and manages all components of employee health and benefits in one place. 

  • Manage life event changes

  • Review employee information

  • Track participation and costs

  • Access reports and analytics

  • Communicate with employees

  • And more

Enough talk. Let us show you.