Better benefits exist.

We’re putting brokers and employers in control of healthcare costs with a scalable, flexible and sustainable health plan solution designed to put people and the bottom line first.

Stuck with healthcare benefits that aren’t working in your favor? We have a self-funded solution for that.


Self-funded explainer video.

We broke down what our self-funded health plan looks like in plain language and what your plan looks like when you partner with us.

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Funding types breakdown.

See how other plan types stack up against the flexibility of our self-funded health plan.

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Better benefits exist webinar.

We dug into what cost management, risk mitigation and flexibility looks like when you go self-funded in our latest webinar.

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See why self-funding is right for you.

Curious if self-funding is a good fit for you? Check out our self-funded fit analyzer to learn more about how we work with brokers and employers to define a health benefits solution that’s all about flexibility, transparency, control and healthy outcomes.


Going self-funded with Maestro Health means an unmatched level of service from our in-house teams.

Take a look at a recent case study of how our clinical care management and operations teams worked together to help our clients avoid over $100,000 in COVID-19 related healthcare costs.

Our approach results in better health outcomes and lower costs. Here’s a look at how we do that:

  • Pro-active member outreach to get ahead of the curve
  • Mindful auditing to catch over-billing practices
  • Expert-level use of hospital codes to catch at-risk members and leverage trends in your data

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A better self-funded experience. Every time.

Maestro Health is a tech-enabled TPA helping employers optimize their benefit plans to drive better outcomes at a lower cost. We offer:

  • Innovative network options at the local and national level to help clients create the health plan that most efficiently contains costs.
  • An enhanced level of service, flexibility and customization that you can’t find with traditional carriers.
  • A fully integrated, in-house clinical care management team that works with clients to identify members’ health risks and catch medical issues before they become catastrophic claims.
  • Access to preferred stop-loss partners to support your requirements for specific and aggregate coverage.
  • In-depth reporting and analytics at no cost to you to support decision making, steerage and plan design.

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Take a look at some of our recent mBLOGs where we dive deep into self-funded benefits like what a self-funded health plan really looks like and what it can do for you.

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Better Benefits Exist with Maestro Health

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Enough talk. Let us show you the benefits of our self-funded solution.

We’d love to chat with you about all things self-funded. Let us know what you’re more interested in learning about and we’ll have someone from our sales team reach out to schedule time to talk.