From the Desk of Rob: A Maestro Health Must Read

Hi All,

I wanted to share a really cool Maestro Health feel-good story that occurred over the holidays. The below email is from Stacy, who, by vendor error, did not receive her FSA refunds in time for the Christmas season. (Her employer is NOT a Maestro Health client, and therefore, we were not responsible for Stacey's missing refund). In search of help after receiving very poor service over several months, she somehow got the wrong vendor's information and reached out to us by mistake. Although she was not a Maestro Health client, we listened to her story and were able to pull money together as a Maestro Health family to help Stacy and her family in need.

This email is a direct representation of who we serve, what we believe in, and what we strive to be at Maestro Health. I'm so proud to be a part of it.


From: Stacy (stacydye@-----.---)

Subject: Thank you!

Date: December 22, 2015

To: Rob Butler (rbutler@------.---)


Dear Maestro Health Team,

Today we received a package from you and I must say that we feel blessed beyond measure. I simply cannot put into words how you have lifted a huge burden for us during this holiday season. 

Our family would like to express our sincere gratitude for your generous heart and your "CAN DO" attitude during a time when we felt so defeated. 

I know that your CEO, Rob Butler, may have shared our story, but I wanted to reiterate the lack of customer service and compassion we were experiencing time and time again [from our current FSA company], until I reached out to your company. 

I did absolutely everything the other company asked (time and time again) yet not one person seemed to care about the numerous errors being made at our expense. I was repeatedly told what they "can't do" and never once spoke to someone who really cared to help me. In the end it has been my family who has suffered, for nearly four months (thus far!). Again, until I reached out to you. 

From the moment I spoke to Maestro Health, I felt the compassion coming through the phone. Maestro sincerely cared about my family. You apologized for my trouble over and over again.  Even though it was not Maestro's problem, you made a point to tell me what you "could do" for me. You said you would do your best to help and that you would get back to me.  Maestro Health did just that! 

Wow!  Did you ever!  

In all of my professional and personal experience, I have never run across a company with such a heart for others. Maestro Health is being driven by some true leaders!  Your "can do" attitude is what makes businesses like ours so successful. When you are able to set aside business long enough to listen to the needs of the people, that makes for a remarkable business that is going places!  That's exactly what Maestro Health has done for us!  

Again, our family would like to thank Maestro Health for your generous gift and for making our holiday special. Our youngest daughter will celebrate her very first Christmas with us, her forever family, this week. Thank you for helping make it a Christmas to remember!

Many Blessings, 

The Dye Family

Jackie, Stacy, Tyler, Hayden, Hannah, Emmie, Kaeson & Kylie

P.S.  Only our littles are in these photos. The bigger kids were not home yet when these were taken. They are all in their early 20's. 

*The Dye Family has granted Maestro Health full permission to utilize their story and all contents of this email.