By Nancy Reardon, Chief Product Officer

If you’re looking for a new technology partner, I’m going to assume you’re not looking to add hours of work to your already heavy workload. Shifting to a new tech partner is going to require support, especially since your employees are going to be interacting with the technology every day. It’s imperative that your tech partner has a heart for more than just tech. The vendor should have a tech-meets-service approach with every solution it offers.

Choose a partner who supports you (and answers your employees’ questions for you).
We all have our preferred methods of communicating. Some of us won’t hesitate to pick up the phone, while others much prefer digital communication. So, why settle for just one type of a support line? If a tech vendor truly takes customer service seriously, it will offer multiple lines of support from licensed professionals, year-round, not just during open enrollment.

Find out if the vendor goes beyond just phone and email assistance. For instance, a live chat feature is ideal for employee benefits technology. It offers employees an immediate response to questions they may have during the online enrollment process. This support can help easily guide them through the next steps, instead of you.

Of course, it’s only natural that your employees will have questions about their benefits as they use them throughout the year. Rather than answering the same questions regarding deductibles, dependents and dental throughout the year, be sure your new vendor has your back after open enrollment ends.  

Pick a partner who will show up for you.
Let’s be real. Not everyone is comfortable with technology. For the less tech-savvy employees, it’s beneficial to have a vendor that truly offers personalized services, like onsite enrollment support, from licensed professionals. This will ensure that all employees feel comfortable and secure with their benefits enrollment.

Do a background check on your partner.
No, I’m not suggesting that you hire a private detective. That would be a bit extreme. Instead, request several customer contacts to reach out to and ask about their experience. This will help you learn if their tech actually solves real HR headaches and if they are as true to their word about customer support. (Tip: if they won’t provide you with customer contacts, that’s a big red flag.)

Never settle.
It’s easy to get swept away by a seemingly fancy, high-tech experience, but it’s important to not let that distract from the details of a true tech partnership, like true customer support. Of course, there are other things to look into when vetting vendors. For more details on how to find a tech partner you <3, download our full whitepaper, here.