Maestronites' "CAN-Do" Attitude to End Hunger

During the month of November, Maestronites in offices nationwide answered the call to help put an end to hunger by collecting canned goods for donation to the following local charities:

Of course, the competitive natures of Maestronites really kicked in full-drive once word spread that another “CAN-struction” competition would be taking place during the office Thanksgiving potlucks. 

Here's the final tally for the total number of canned goods donated by each office:

  • Charlotte collected a total of 370 cans.
  • Chicago pulled together a total of 416 cans.
  • Detroit gathered a total of 50 cans.
  • Orlando donated a total of 65 cans.

This resulted in a total of 605 pounds of food donated (that’s over 100 pounds more than last year’s event).

"While competitiveness does seem to be a part of each Maestronite's DNA, the true spirit behind our can drive is just as meaningful. Helping people lead healthier lives is part of what we do at Maestro Health, no matter the season," said Rob Butler, founder and CEO of Maestro Health™.

The winning office of the "CANstruction"event was (drumroll, please) – Chicago. Their take on the Word Series trophy was chosen by our sole judge and board member, Mike Balmuth.

Check out the offices in action below.