Custom Wellness Events

Integra Health and Wellness is ready to be your partner to support the health and lifestyle goals of your employees. In a tough economy, it is important to support employees by helping identify and providing cost-effective ways to pursue their health goals. Studies are showing individuals are canceling gym memberships, experiencing difficulty managing budgets for nutritional meals effectively, and feeling increased stress. Events such as walking programs, weight loss challenges, and “Lunch and Learn” seminars can be designed to meet the needs of your employees, their work locations and hours, as well as fit within your plan design. These types of onsite programs are both cost-efficient and effective.

April Slappey, Integra Health and Wellness, Wellness Coordinator, is available to help employers organize custom wellness events for their employees. Contact April today for innovative help in designing your worksite wellness event!

Now is an excellent time to plan for onsite learning events for 2010 - they can be held as “Lunch and Learns” or “Health Hours” (which can be scheduled at the most convenient time for your employees’ work schedules.) Integra Health and Wellness offers a wide variety of topics, and we also have the ability to do custom topics as needed – Just ask!

Some topics available for “Health Hours” are:

  • Healthy Eating 101
  • Meal Planning on a Budget
  • Planning for Healthy Meals and Snacks
  • Heart Healthy Eating
  • Diabetic Healthy Lifestyle Guidelines
  • Achieving Weight Loss and Maintenance
  • Smart Shopping: Understanding Food Labels and Getting the Most Value for Your Money
  • How to Prepare for a Visit to the Doctor
  • Knowing Your Numbers: Understanding Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and BMI
  • Considering Having A Baby? What You Need to Know
  • Topic of the Month (based on 2010 Health Observance Calendar)
  • Seasonal Nutritional Topics (example: Appetizers That Won’t Bust Your New Year’s Resolution)

Contact April to learn more about how Integra Health and Wellness can support you and your employees as we partner together for a healthier, happier 2010! April is also available to discuss onsite health screenings for your members. Your health is our business, and we look forward to the successes we can accomplish in 2010!