Health Care Reform: The Impact

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (H.R. 3590) was signed into law 3/23/10 by President Obama. Meanwhile, a reconciliation bill is before the Senate that, if enacted, would change some of the new law's provisions and revamp some of its effective dates. We know our employer groups have questions and concerns about how this will affect them and their health plans.

Integra Employer Health is in the process of evaluating the changes that may affect our partners, and we are analyzing updates closely. As decisions are finalized that may impact our health plan partners, we will be communicating areas of common impact. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you have as news and updates are released. Regulatory compliance is an increasingly important concern. While most recent mandates over the past months have been legally attributable to employer/sponsor/health plan compliance, Integra Employer Health, as your trusted partner for solutions, is already in the process of planning additional avenues to offer targeted compliance assistance to our plans.

For a copy of the new law (H.R. 3590): Click Here