Integra Health and Wellness Partners with Healthwise

Members enrolled in health plans who participate in Integra Health and Wellness Population Health Management Programs will have access to a new health information site provided by Healthwise beginning July 1, 2011. Healthwise is a nonprofit organization that helps people make better health decisions. Every year people make more than 120 million health care decisions with the Prescription-Strength Information™ included in Healthwise products. The Healthwise Knowledgebase has earned URAC Health Web Site Accreditation and its information is the foundation of self-care programs in the United States, South Africa, Canada, and the United Kingdom. When members log into their secure BMS Online Account, the option to access this valuable health information site will be available. Healthwise information is: • Comprehensive - Healthwise solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs a member may have for all kinds of health information, from managing chronic conditions to finding better ways to maintain good health. • Decision focused and actionable - When it comes to health, an individual may have to make lots of decisions - little decisions about whether to call a doctor and what self-care is best, and big decisions about medications, tests, and surgeries. The Decision Points and Action Sets found in the Knowledgebase are designed by behaviorists to help people accurately weigh their medical options with their personal values, make decisions and take action. The Healthwise information provides adjunct materials to supplement what the member's provider(s) and nurse coaches have provided to ensure the member has all the information they need. The site also provides personal nurse coaches interactive tools to help facilitate discussions with members on self care and health care decisions, and members can print materials to take to their healthcare providers for discussion and input. • Evidence-based and complete with scheduled in-depth reviews by experts - Teams of physicians, behavioral health experts and reviewers, medical librarians, medical content specialists, writers, and editors, and other public health professionals with expertise in consumer-based health decisions and health literacy guidelines author and constantly review the medical information. The content is nonbiased and each topic cites the author and reviewers and gives access to their certifications, affiliations, and publications. • Easy to use (plain language) - The Healthwise site is easy to navigate and materials utilize plain language at a 6-8th grade reading level for easy understanding by all plan members. Since 1975, the Healthwise Mission has remained constant: "To help people make better health decisions." On June 8, for the one billionth time, someone turned to Healthwise information for help. FAQs: Q: Is there someone at IEH or IHW that can show my HR staff how to navigate the site in case an employee has questions? A: Certainly. Contact your Account Executive with your needs, and we will work with you to provide what is needed. Personal nurse coaches and case managers will also be available to assist individual members they are working with to ensure everyone gets off to a good start understanding what this site offers. Q: What kinds of information can a member find there? A: The site offers a wide breadth of health information formats and tools. There is a wealth of teaching materials; a symptom checker where the member can identify portions of the body they may have symptoms in or have questions about and drill down to information that is helpful. There are ways to check on medication and medical tests - and even a wonderful section on Support Groups that may help an individual with a certain illness or medical condition. A great feature helps members work through what one should know prior to a specific surgery - and what might be alternatives to discuss with their doctor. Some sections are interactive; others provide search features. No matter what style of education a member prefers, the site attempts to offer that approach so all members can maximize benefit from the site. Q: If my members participate, will what they access on the site be reported? Is the site confidential? A: The site is confidential and member-specific usage is not reported. Reports can be generated to show usage by aggregate to determine improvement opportunities for the site and the education needs of the whole population. Q: When is the site available? A: July 1, 2011. Q: How does a member reach this site? A: Once a member logs into his/her BMS Online account, the member should click on the Integra Health and Wellness logo on the right and the member will be taken to the site. To learn more, please contact your Account Executive. IHW is pleased to partner with Healthwise to bring this additional health tool to our health plans' members!