Making a Choice for Health, One Day at a Time.

Simple choices we make each day can greatly impact our health and health care expenditures. Not smoking, avoiding overeating, daily exercise, and a healthy diet can significantly reduce your risk of chronic diseases. But it is making those choices each day that is problematic! But starting out walking 10 minutes a day for 3 days a week is a great way to start.

Integra Health and Wellness Nurse Coaches work with members to help identify personal, realistic, measurable goals for their individual health journeys. Providing personalized support, education, and tools are keys to assisting members. What we hear from members about making daily choices for health is amazing! One member, battling obesity, said her doctor for years had been “after me to lose weight.” Her nurse coach was able to help the member identify what were barriers to an exercise plan for her. The member was able to identify a gradual plan that was workable for her to begin to incorporate exercise into her daily life. She started out just listening to music and doing simple exercise. She found she enjoyed this and gradually increased the amount of time she spent exercising. Now she is exercising 7 days of the week and describes it as a “highlight” in her life. She now wears clothes 5 sizes smaller—and her hypertension and high cholesterol levels are under control. She’s making healthy food choices and watching portions successfully. She’s taking better care of her health in other ways by keeping preventative care appointments and doing self monitoring. Healthy behaviors—a choice for all of us each day!