Maestro Health Crowned One of Chicago’s #CoolestCompanies

Last night, a team of Maestronites attended Chicago Inno’s Chicago Fest. Games were played. Food trucks were visited. Many, many selfies were snapped all before the final event we were anxiously awaiting, the crowning of Chicago’s Top 11 #CoolestCompanies. As a team that lives and breathes the core value of humility, it was surreal and exciting as the crowns were placed atop our heads. But in all honesty, there’s really no argument from any Maestronite of just how cool our company is.

Here’s just a few of our mTEAM members weighing in on what they think makes Maestro Health the coolest…

“The best part about this company is the people. Their brilliance, drive and compassion means that coming in to work each day is a pleasure. This is hands down the best group of people I’ve ever worked with. I get better every day simply because I don’t want to let any of these amazing people down.”  

- Jason Weiss, Executive Vice President of Technology

“Everyone feels valued here. It’s amazing that Rob, our CEO, puts out cheese and refreshments for us almost every Friday, in addition to the free lunches on Tuesday and Thursday. We also celebrate Maestronites who have just had a new baby, acknowledge an intern’s contribution to the organization’s growth and we learn about new Maestronites’ favorite snacks and pet peeves, even if we’ve never met. We take fun seriously and we always have each other’s back.” 

– Ruiyan Liu, Marketing Data Analyst

 “The perks are great, but the real reason I love to come into work is because of the people around me.”

– Heather Nykamp, Corporate Branding Coordinator

“Maestro Health is the kind of place I am excited to invite my friends and family to come for a visit. It’s way more than a workplace, it’s a living place.”

 – Ernie Harris, Executive Vice President of Business Development