3 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Benefits Delivery

By Nancy Reardon, Chief Product Officer, Maestro Health

ICYMI: Originally posted by EREmedia.com via TLNT

It’s no secret that a positive workplace culture plays a critical role in driving employee engagement and retention. In many ways, it’s the linchpin to sustainable business growth. A strong business idea, however innovative, can’t build to scale alone. People are the foundation of success; an extension of a company’s brand promise.

Many elements go into building a positive work experience, and for many companies, the foundation of that experience rests with HR. But as HR departments become more and more stretched – taking on greater responsibility, navigating complex rules and regulations – they need resources to help them stay afloat and support an evolving workforce. Technology should be their ally; a behind-the-scenes force making sure things run smoothly.

A recent MetLife study reported that the most loyal employees are satisfied with their benefits. Healthcare benefits, in particular, are a main driver behind why employees remain with an employer. According to SHRM, when it comes to workplace satisfaction, employees value healthcare as much as salary, though company culture is most important.

How can human resource managers make sure employees are educated, engaged, and able to make the most of their benefit options?