Health Benefits To Boost Employee Satisfaction: 5 steps to maximizing it

By Rob Butler, CEO, Maestro Health

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Despite dramatic changes in the healthcare industry —due largely to the Affordable Care Act—some employers still take a stagnant approach when dealing with employees’ benefits, health, and wellness.

Passive enrollment--the autopilot approach of “set it and forget it”— is no longer viable. Today’s employees expect—and deserve—more. With “active” enrollment, employers are at least checking in with employees once a year, but this one-size-fits-all, “check the box” approach doesn’t work either. All employees are not created equal— one-way, top-down communication leaves employees with more questions, not answers.

Employers need to rethink how to provide the right balance of information, guidance, and flexibility to support employees navigating the complexities of the new healthcare landscape. The questions remain: Are you sure your company is doing all it can and are you keeping up with a fast-changing behavior shift?