By, Sheryl Simmons, Chief Human Resources Officer

There’s no two ways about it. Data analytics are now a fundamental component to developing a high performing workforce. The sheer volume of data passing through HR at a rapid-fire pace is staggering. But, there’s a challenge: harnessing the power of the data to provide a bridge that connects HR to the business strategy. No pressure, right?

Workforce analytics: A CHRO’s true love
When workforce analytics are done right, it’s gold for HR. It can identify talent shortages, leadership gaps and employee engagement levels. Analytics can even provide personalized forecasting and a myriad of other key findings to alert HR of an undetected trend before it becomes an emerging crisis.

If your company hasn’t yet mastered the wizardry of using HR data analytics to its full potential, you’re not alone. According to PwC’s 18th Annual Global CEO survey, 73 percent of CEOs are increasingly worried about finding the right talent with the right skills. Meanwhile, 36 percent of HR professionals believe they don’t have access to analytics for a clear picture of their workforce. Think about that. For every third person reading this blog, one of us is losing sleep over the digital transformation of our industry.

HR professionals have long married fact-based and gut-based decisions. Being skilled at both is simply a must-have in our industry. However, far too often we’re lacking the facts and end up only able to go with our gut. Today’s technology can help us fill that gap. Integrated systems can provide data representation of the whole picture. The challenge then becomes capturing the right data out of the gate. 

Digging into the (right) data
The right data is far more than a survey or a single on-boarding session. It’s more than buying technology, crossing your fingers and hoping it works. It’s critical that our technology provides us a partner we can really fall in love with. It’s key that the people building the technology take it to heart that each business is unique and thus has unique needs, so a one-size-fits-all solution simply won’t cut it. A true technology partner doesn’t treat HR professionals as just clients. They understand that each HR professional they work with should be treated as a consultant, to help them get to the heart of the data that’s actually needed for their company’s goals.

Bring it on
It really is amazing to watch the data evolution the HR profession is experiencing. The momentum is accelerating.  It’s optimizing the future of work. Fragmented data is being harnessed to produce predictive analytics. The antiquated is now becoming innovative. If the technology you’re using isn’t arming you with the data to create an optimal workforce that solves business challenges, now is the time to find a new solution that can empower you to do so. No pressure, you’ve got this.

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