By, Rob Butler, Founder & CEO, Maestro Health

Take a look at any job board and I guarantee you’ll see the same five words repeated over and over again: talented, driven, dedicated, innovative, ambitious. (Repeat.) Far too often companies tend to vet candidates for one other quality: the “thinks like us” quality. That’s a dangerous habit to get into and it can often become detrimental to a company. At Maestro Health™, we steer clear of this. After all, who wants to sit in an echo chamber of ideas? That’s why we focus on one of our core values during the hiring process – Biz-Love.

If you’re scratching your head right now and thinking, “what is he talking about?” you’re not alone. That’s usually most people’s reaction when they first hear the term. So, what is Biz-Love? Our team interprets it as unbiased, unconditional, accept you as you are – love. Yeah, I should probably elaborate.

Just as every company must legally claim to be an, “Equal Opportunity Employer,” Biz-Love actually drives this concept. It’s the act of treating every person with respect, regardless of their background or beliefs. It’s the state of maximum humility and the standard goal for all Maestronites.

Biz-Love fosters a culture that is truly inclusive and respectful of everyone. All Maestronites are encouraged to raise their hand and share their thoughts – regardless of their race, sexual orientation, political, religious beliefs or professional role. In fact, this cultivates bold thought (another one of our core values) and an empathetic team. It eliminates the threat of a herd-like mentality.

Maestronites are comfortable being themselves while respecting others to do their thing. Biz-Love prevents petty gossip, maligning or judgement from ever entering the workplace.

I’m a firm believer that while adversity is inevitable in today’s fast paced, competitive workplace, stress is optional. Emotionally-sparked, bad decisions are a product of the stressed. No one wants that. Consider the Biz-Love approach for your hiring process, and existing employees for that matter. It encourages a relaxed mental attitude and bold thinking, which are both key factors for success.

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