what makes a company "Cool" anyway?

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It’s time we finally install a trophy case. This past month, Maestro Health™ was crowned “Coolest Company” at Chicago Inno’s Chicago Fest – for the second year in a row. But, what does "Coolest Company" really mean anyway? 

Check out what a few of our Chicago Maestronites had to say when we asked them to weigh in:


“Maestro Health is the only company I have ever worked for where I really have the feeling that I am not only part of a team, but my input actually matters. Our leadership treats ALL employees with a level of integrity that is far beyond anything I have ever experienced. It makes going to work PEOPLE-FRIENDLY again.”
– John Pickering, Quality Assurance Lead


“Treats, lunch, lots of cheese … oh, and our executives are very approachable and always available.”
– Christine Buzard, Office Manager


“Everyone is willing to jump in and help with things, even if it’s not their department.”
– Albert Ellenich, Senior Experience Designer


“Our leaders serve their teams and help row the boat!”

– Chad Lilly, Director of Recruiting



“I get to work with people who really care about the work they do.”
– Luciano Pereira, Software Architect



Check out the photos leading up to our crowning moment at Chicago Inno’s Chicago Fest.