Five years of people-friendly benefits & counting

By Rob Butler, Chief Executive Officer


The decision to start Maestro Health and make employee health and benefits people-friendly again was driven by several factors: to help simplify healthcare for everyone involved; to enhance the experience of receiving care; to give employer HR teams the best possible support and help them do right by their employees; to bring more transparency to the benefits process so that employer and employee actually understand what they are paying for. What a concept, right?

So, we set out to create the most experienced employee health and benefits startup by hiring and acquiring industry experts who share a mission to make employee health and benefits people-friendly again. Five years, four locations and an acquisition by AXA later – here we are.

Along our journey of simplifying and personalizing how employees shop, enroll and live with their benefits, we have remained open to finding the best ways to bring this vision to life. We’ve doubled down on the technology. We’re enhancing our service delivery model to further our tech-meets-service approach. We’ve brought on the most talented and driven people to tell us what we’re doing right and when we’re making mistakes. We’ve stayed committed to the transformation of the U.S. healthcare market. And we don’t plan on stopping.

The Next Generation of Healthcare

I’ve said this repeatedly and I’ll say it again: the U.S. healthcare industry has not only reached its tipping point – its already in the transition stage. While it’s the largest healthcare market in the world, it is plagued by inefficiency, high costs and misaligned incentives. It’s a trillion dollar industry, yet the U.S. has some of the worst health outcomes when compared to other high-income nations. It’s not a sustainable pattern and a change is well overdue. 

Last year we took a huge step forward in our strategy to transform healthcare in the U.S. by joining forces with AXA, a worldwide insurance leader. AXA chose to partner with us to tackle the broken U.S. healthcare system because they found we are truly unlike any other offering on the market. We bring a deep knowledge of the healthcare industry and share our passion to empower people to reduce their healthcare costs while maintaining or improving outcomes.

This partnership enables us to bring new products and services to market faster; offerings designed to further reduce healthcare costs and improve engagement for constituents across the entire continuum of care. With AXA’s global capabilities and knowledge of providing different types of insurance and services across borders, we view this move as a gateway to global health benefits technology.

A Vision for the Future

At times, it feels like the number of companies, big and small, entering the healthcare market is endless. They all claim to have the magic recipe for solving the broken industry. A real solution is going to come from a company whose sole goal is to lower healthcare costs and put the consumer first – not a company that is adding another offering to its roster to impress shareholders.

Truly changing the U.S. healthcare market will be a challenge. It requires an integrated, modern approach, innovative technology and an open mind about different care models, such as modern self-funded solutions that create healthcare ecosystems. That’s what we’ve been spending the past five years building at Maestro Health and will continue to build in an aim to put the control of the healthcare industry back in the hands of consumers. 

I would be remiss if I did not end with this: People are at the core of what we do. Our Maestronites are the reason we are successful, and the reason our mission transcends our multiple office locations. As we move forward in our fifth year as a unified brand, I feel fortunate to be a part of this team.