Company converges best of private exchange and benefits administration to create a hyper-personalized tech-meets-service experience for all

CHICAGO — (April 18, 2017) — Maestro Health™, a leading all-in employee health and benefits company, today announced the industry’s first launch of Ben Admin 2.0. (me)BENEFITS ADMIN 2.0™ represents a new hybrid approach to employee benefits that finally combines an engaging enrollment experience with robust eligibility management to ease the burden on HR professionals and deliver a consumer-like experience for employees. No longer is the industry dependent on paper-based processes, systems that lack support or the clutter of unnecessary and rarely used features. Say goodbye to the old way of doing benefits administration.

With constant legislative changes, rising cost of premiums and evolving needs of the modern workforce, HR professionals shouldn’t have to deal with systems that can’t keep up or make things more complicated than they need to be. (me)BENEFITS ADMIN 2.0 aims to mend the long-standing rocky relationship HR professionals have had with their Ben Admin processes. Unlike old school solutions, which provided thousands of unnecessary features, (me)BENEFITS ADMIN 2.0 offers what really matters most: eligibility management, core consolidated billing, automated administrative services, plus a personalized shopping/enrollment experience and a service model that actually delivers. Version 2.0 doesn’t require long implementation times or costly personalizations as the modular technology defies the status quo with its flexibility.

“Benefits administration is complex but that doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated,” said Nancy Reardon, Chief Product Officer, Maestro Health. “Employers have been manually processing eligibility changes. They’ve struggled with Ben Admin platforms that promise to make their lives easier but, in reality, are navigational mazes. In this day and age of technology, HR expects and deserves better. And that’s exactly what they’re getting with our new (me)BENEFITS ADMIN 2.0 solution, allowing them to spend more time focusing on things like strategy and less time on administrative tasks.”

In a recent Maestro Health study, HR professionals named “disparate systems” as their biggest professional headache. (me)BENEFITS ADMIN 2.0 relieves this burden by converging enrollment and eligibility management onto one intuitive platform. The platform manages all components of employee health and benefits through the (me)DASHBOARD™, automating time-consuming administrative tasks, such as managing life event changes, tracking participation as well as reporting and analytics, allowing HR professionals to focus on what matters most—their people.

This new solution also focuses on the end-user—the employee who is selecting and living with their benefits.  Most people aren’t healthcare experts, so the (me)BENEFITS ADMIN 2.0 employee experience uses plain language and familiar shopping tools that function perfectly on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

“We pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions to the market that make employers’ lives easier,” said Rob Butler, Founder, Maestro Health. “The market is all a buzz with talk about benefits administration and the next generation. But that’s all it is—talk. Until now. We believe we are  changing the game in a big way with (me)BENEFITS ADMIN 2.0 and actually providing HR professionals with a solution that addresses their pain points. Say goodbye to the old way of doing benefits administration.”

(me)BENEFITS ADMIN 2.0 seamlessly integrates into Maestro Health’s all-in, technology-meets-service platform, maestroEDGE™, which is built to simplify, personalize and optimize how people shop, enroll and live with their benefits. The flexible solutions are designed to be all-in or á la carte, so HR professionals can customize their HR suite by choosing what works best for their organization.

To learn more about (me)BENEFITS ADMIN 2.0, visit, or be the first to see a demo at Booth #213 at HR Executive’s 5th Annual Health & Benefits Leadership Conference, April 19-21, 2017.

Can’t meet us in person? Registration begins soon for our benefits administration webinar on May 31, 2017.  Mark your calendar and join us as we discuss the evolution of benefits administration—“Goodbye, Ben Admin as You Know It: What’s Next for Version 2.0.”

About Maestro Health

Maestro Health makes employee health & benefits people-friendly again by delivering an all-in platform that meets todays needs of employers, employees, brokers and carriers. Maestro Health owns and operates six core solutions: (me)BENEFITS ADMIN 2.0™, (me)BENEFIT ACCOUNTS™, (me)SELF-FUNDED BENEFITS™, (me)PEOPLE MANAGEMENT™, (me)BILLING ADMIN™ and (me)ACA SERVICES™. These solutions are unified on a tech-meets-service platform to optimize and simplify the way employees and employers shop, enroll and live with their benefits. To learn more, visit:

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