Company Crowned at Chicago Inno’s Chicago Fest as one of the city’s “#CoolestCompanies”

CHICAGO – (August 23, 2016) – Maestro Health™, a leading all-in employee health and benefits company on a mission to make benefits people-friendly again, has been recognized as one of Chicago’s “Coolest Companies” by Chicago Inno. The team of Maestronites, whose guiding principles of humility, kindness and authenticity continue to set the standard for what “cool” really means.

“This recognition is a direct result of what happens when smart, compassionate, well-rounded people wind up on the same sideline, wearing the same jersey” said Rob Butler, founder of Maestro Health. “In today’s world, whether it be sports, politics, or business, winning at all costs many times is the name of the game.  Our team has the ‘right priorities,’ meaning winning is important, but winning with graciousness, kindness and character is highest the priority. I think that’s pretty cool.”

There’s really no argument from any Maestronite of how cool their company is. (No, really. Ninety percent of employees say they’re proud to tell others where they work.) Here’s just a few members of the mTEAM weighing in:

“Everyone feels valued here… we celebrate Maestronites who have just had a new baby, acknowledge an intern’s contribution to the organization’s growth and learn about new Maestronites’ favorite snacks and pet peeves, even if we’ve never met. We take fun seriously and we always have each other’s back.”

– Ruiyan Liu, marketing data analyst

“The best part about this company is the people. Their brilliance, drive and compassion means that coming into work each day is a pleasure. This is hands down the best group of people I’ve ever worked with. I get better every day simply because I don’t want to let any of these amazing people down.” 

– Jason Weiss, executive vice president of technology

The team at Maestro Health understands for great people to continue doing great work, play has to be part of the equation. Recreational activities, like a Frogger arcade game and an office volleyball team, are reminders that fun and work are not mutually exclusive. Flexible work arrangements and tangible transparency from the top down are just a few of the perks offered.

Chicago Inno’s Chicago Fest celebrates the entrepreneurs, innovators, workers, students and thinkers that are driving the city’s business culture and economy forward.  In friendly competition, thousands of nominations were narrowed down to 100 finalists, from which the top 11 #CoolestCompanies were announced and crowned at the annual event.

Want to see if you have what it takes to be a Maestronite? Maestro Health is always on the hunt for dynamic and talented individuals to join the mTEAM. Connect online to learn what makes the company tick or email with your resume and to share how you would make an impact.

About Maestro Health™

Maestro Health is an employee health & benefits company delivering an all-in platform that meets today’s needs of carriers, brokers, employers, and employees. Maestro Health owns and operates the four core solutions of a successful employee health & benefits strategy: HR Management (On-&-Off-Boarding, ACA Reporting & Ben Admin.), Benefits Marketplace (Private Exchange & Online Enrollment), Benefit Accounts (HSA/FSA), and Self-Funded Insurance (Medical TPA & Care Management). These solutions are unified on a simple tech-meets-service-platform to optimize and simplify the way employees and employers shop for, enroll in and live with their benefits.  The Maestro Health mission is to make employee health & benefits people-friendly again. Visit

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