Presentation will educate attendees about the intersection of HR and healthcare; offer techniques for engaging employees effectively

June 21, 2019—Maestro Health, a leading all-in employee health and benefits company, is pleased to announce that Chief Human Resources and Chief Compliance Officer Sheryl Simmons has been selected by the Society of Human Resources to present at the SHRM 2019 Annual Conference & Exposition. Simmons’ session, entitled “A Journey Through the Future of Healthcare – First Stop: HR and Analytics,” is scheduled for Monday, June 24, 2019.

“We are beyond the healthcare tipping point,” said Simmons. “Healthcare costs have become all but insurmountable for employers. As organizations seek to take matters into their own hands, HR needs to lift the veil on the healthcare experience so they can better understand what they’re paying for, help employees get healthier and ultimately reduce healthcare costs for everyone.”

In her presentation, attendees can expect to learn:

  • How organizations can nurture a culture of empowerment by leveraging continuous employee/employer touchpoints, from onboarding to biometric screenings.

  • How access to these employee interactions personalizes healthcare, increases engagement, creates better outcomes and in turn decreases employer costs.

  • How to apply data from employee interaction points to make better decisions when it comes to employee health and benefits.

  • How to motivate employees to make the best choices for their personal health, arming employers with invaluable insights into the true health of their workforce.

“Here’s the painful truth: an unhealthy employee population costs employers more than a healthy population,” continued Simmons. “When HR isn’t prepared to deal with the health and wellbeing of their employee populations, the whole company suffers. And without the right data, there’s no easy solution.”

Each year, SHRM hosts its Annual Conference & Exposition to provide HR professionals with the tools and resources to implement successful HR practices.

Presentation Details:

  • Title: “A Journey Through the Future of Healthcare – First Stop: HR and Analytics”

  • When: Monday, June 24 from 3 PM PT – 4 PM PT

  • Where: Westgate Ballroom C

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