We’ve seen a lot of rapid change in the past year, from work routines to how we manage our wellbeing. While change can be a little uncertain, we’re using this as an opportunity to refresh our approach to healthcare.

We’re kicking off the second half of the year with a new approach to self-funded benefits and a brand-new website to match.

We know that traditional healthcare models weren’t working before COVID-19 and they’re certainly not working now. From skyrocketing costs to impersonal plan designs, the cookie-cutter approach is quickly becoming ineffective for many businesses and health plan members.

We’re already past the mid-point of the year and we know that many people are thinking about how they can improve their benefits for next year and beyond. We’re one step ahead. A self-funded health plan can often be a solution where the rewards outweigh the claims risk by giving you the control to design a health plan around your bottom line and your members.

Maestro Health has always approached self-funded benefits from the mindset that employers and members need more, from support to control over their plan design and healthcare costs. We’re more than a TPA. We’re here to partner with brokers and employers to control costs and improve outcomes without slashing benefits.

That’s why we’ve decided to re-focus our approach to benefits on what really matters: people.

Our “old way” of doing benefits was built around repricing and breaking out of the mold many Big Insurers and other TPAs have limited themselves to. While we’re still bucking those trends, our focus has shifted to a more holistic approach for building better benefits.

Cost management, administrative services and clinical care management are the foundation of a good experience—you can’t have a functional health plan without them. We’ve re-built our self-funded solution around these three pillars to empower our clients to deliver an experience that’s designed to work for them, not a Big Insurer. 

Here’s how we’re flipping the script on self-funded benefits.

Better administrative support. 

A good health plan should be easy to understand and manage. Some of the biggest pain points when it comes to benefits are under-supported HR teams and under-informed members. Our goal is to smash those barriers and empower you with the support, tools and resources you need.

Our self-funded solution includes comprehensive administrative support so HR can focus on their people and members can understand their benefits.

In-house clinical care you can count on.

No two people are alike, so why should a health plan treat them like they are? Our solution is not only built around the foundation of a good health plan, it’s built around the foundation of supporting each person’s individual wellbeing.

We have an in-house multi-disciplinary clinical team who helps each member connect with their health, from chronic condition management to financial hardships and everything in between. Our approach is tailored around each member—not dollar signs—using data insights and by building relationships with our members. We’re making health personal.

More control over your costs.

If there’s one thing the healthcare industry is really good at, it’s hiding costs. We’re on a mission to make things more transparent and accessible—so people can get the care they need without breaking the bank.

Our modern approach to self-funded benefits is designed to put you in control of your healthcare costs. We arm you with more insights, transparency and tools (like Priceguage™, our proprietary repricing platform) so you can get a pulse on what fair prices look like when it comes to healthcare.

We’re more than just a TPA. We’re your better benefits partner.

When we think about a better benefits experience, we’re looking at more than just the bottom line. We’re helping brokers and employers build their self-funded benefits around their people and healthy outcomes with access to better support, resources and tools.

Ready to deliver a better benefits experience? Contact us or explore our brand-new website to learn more about how we work with brokers and employers.

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