Company momentum signals strong market demand for an employee health and benefits partner that combines the best technology and the best service

CHICAGO, IL — (October 11, 2017) — Maestro Health™, a leading all-in employee health and benefits company, has marked 2017 year-to-date with record momentum by adding 100+ new clients and expanding product offerings on its maestroEDGE™ platform to further optimize the benefits experience for employers and their employees. To support this rapid growth, Maestro Health increased its headcount by nearly 80 hires in roles that support the company’s “we’ve got your back” service promise.

“We have been very deliberate and strategic in our business approach this past year, and as we head into the final quarter, we’re focusing on what continues to set us apart: augmenting a great technology platform with similar great service,” said Rob Butler, Founder, Maestro Health. “As HR professionals adapt to meet the growing needs of their workforce, we’ve been bullish in being that “trusted partner” that truly gets it. We’re looking at the constraints on HR teams. We’re listening to brokers and their needs. And we’re saying ‘hey, we’ve got your back’ no matter what.”

Demand for a better employee health and benefits partner has led many companies to join Maestro Health’s roster of clients and take advantage of the company’s technology-meets-service platform, maestroEDGE, including Speedway Motors, HDR, Inc. and Community EMS, amongst others. Brokers, carriers and employers alike are recognizing that Maestro Health is setting the standard for modernizing benefits in a way that puts employers in control, enabling the customization of HR suites that fit their unique needs and goals.

While the ability to personalize maestroEDGE sets the technology apart from the competition, Maestro Health is equally committed to ensuring employers’ benefits teams can achieve their strategic objectives by driving down the cost of benefits without compromising the blue-chip service model.

“We selected Maestro Health primarily for their attention to customer service for our benefits team and, more importantly, the employees of HDR,” said Mark Ellinger, Director of Compensation and Benefits at HDR.

Simple, consistent user experiences complement Maestro Health’s one partner, one service team, one platform approach to health benefits, and many current clients are expanding their partnerships as well. “We’re seeing that attentive and accountable service leads clients to continually expand their HR suite with us as their long-standing benefits partner-of-choice,” continued Butler. “We strive to earn their trust and respect and ultimately become an extension of their team to support their vision and mission well after implementation.”

Over the course of the year, Maestro Health has connected with current clients, new clients and HR professionals across the country asking them to name their biggest HR headaches, and the company listened. It is making continuous improvements to its maestroEDGE platform that help cure administrative headaches and provide more time for HR professionals to do the job they really love. Some of the enhancements include:

  • (me)BENEFITS ADMIN 2.0™ – enhanced custom life events and expansion of rules engine to allow for more enrollment type segmentations

  • voluntaryEDGE™ – new benefits admin solutions designed for the voluntary benefits community

  • (me)SELF-FUNDED BENEFITS™– expansion into health plan management which delivers additional cost efficiencies for the client with expanded claims and medical bill negotiation tools and controlled pricing; new pharmacy benefit management solution

  • (me)BILLING ADMIN™- enhanced aggregate accounts receivable views, location-based billing and member-level allocations

  • Custom Employee Communication Programs – enhanced employee engagement tools and campaigns customized for employee population segments

Maestro Health is also gearing up for early 2018 product launches that will continue to meet the demands of today’s HR professionals, brokers and carriers alike. With increasing healthcare costs, employers are demanding more solutions to help with the cost curve, and Maestro Health will continue to rise to the occasion with their upcoming launches of tools, services and holistic solutions that will lower clients’ healthcare spend.

“We exist to service the heck out of our clients, while also empowering them and their respective employees. And yes, in our line of work, there will obviously sometimes be hiccups, but our clients appreciate our honesty and level of urgency to find quick resolutions,” concluded Butler. “2017 has been an exciting year thus far for Maestro Health and for our clients, and we could not be more excited for the future.”

About Maestro Health

Maestro Health makes employee health & benefits people-friendly again by delivering an all-in platform that meets todays needs of employers, employees, brokers and carriers. Maestro Health owns and operates six core solutions: (me)BENEFITS ADMIN 2.0™, (me)BENEFIT ACCOUNTS™, (me)SELF-FUNDED BENEFITS™, (me)PEOPLE MANAGEMENT™, (me)BILLING ADMIN™ and (me)ACA SERVICES™. These solutions are unified on a tech-meets-service platform to optimize and simplify the way employees and employers shop, enroll and live with their benefits. To learn more, visit:

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