Step into the mind of today's brokers.

The shift towards healthcare consumerism has led to a complete disruption of the traditional broker model, leaving today's brokers with a significant task to reshape the employee health and benefits industry.

Keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry, we commissioned a study of benefit brokers, consultants and advisors to learn more about their technology adoption preferences. 

Download the "2018 Broker Tech Trend Report," to get insight into how today's brokers are thinking about technology and what it means for the future of benefits.


As an employer, where does your broker stand?
As a broker, where do you stand?

During our research, we uncovered three distinct segments of today's brokers: Analog Consultants, Receptive Next Gen Brokers and Automation Leaders. Be sure your broker aligns with your thinking to help move your HR strategy forward in 2018.


    The Analog Consultants.

    Traditionalists at heart, Analog Consultants are known for their industry experience and focus on service. They may not be perceived as proactive in advising clients on new technology solutions, but there's no denying they think first in terms of tried-and-true benefits solutions and appreciate a demonstrated ROI.

    Download the report to learn more.

    The Receptive Next Gen Brokers.

    Newer to the industry, the Receptive Next Gen Brokers appreciate all that technology has to offer. While tech is something they enjoy, they have a surprising habit of treading cautiously when advising clients on tech solutions, which may be due to their experience level.

    Download the report to learn more.

    The Automation Leaders.

    As the name suggests, these brokers pride themselves on being at the forefront of tech trends. Automation Leaders demonstrate a high interest in expanding their knowledge about technology and solutions for their company and firmly believe that sales success is tied to new and innovative tech solutions.

    Download the report to learn more.




    "Customizing benefit plans for the individual is what I envision as the future of benefits."

    Automation Leader

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