Working at Maestro Health. 

Ask anyone– do you actually enjoy enrolling in employee benefits and choosing healthcare coverage? Odds are, most would say no. It's boring, overwhelming and increasingly confusing. Here at Maestro Health we are revolutionizing the way we all view employee health & benefits. Not only the way we view it, but also the way we shop, enroll and manage our choices. We are decoding the complexity and making employee benefits "people-friendly" again.  

Our revolution is founded on our tech-meets-service business model fueled by our awesome team of Maestronites (yes, that's what we call ourselves). And we are growing fast. Really fast. And that requires a lot more Maestronites to keep up with the growth. We're looking for hard-working, talented and passionate people who want to disrupt the status quo. Check out our open opportunities below. 

Our People Make This Company Cool.