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 Check out the below resources, made especially for brokers, to use with any of your clients interested in self-funding.

Self-Funded Solution

All about our self-funded solution, including our administrative services, in-house clinical care management and cost management services.

Use this piece to:

  • Introduce a client to Maestro Health.
  • Introduce a client to self-funding.
  • Help a client understand the benefits of self-funding.

Maestro Health Analytics

An overview of how we help clients put their claims data to work with customized reporting through our branded platform.

Use this piece to:

  • Help clients evaluate Maestro Health as a TPA partner.
  • Discuss the transparency self-funding gives clients—and how Maestro Health works as a partner to surface recommendations and insights.
  • Showcase how data can help clients regain control of their costs without having to cut benefits.
  • Detail the types of customized reports we offer our clients.

We are Maestro Health

An overview about Maestro Health, our self-funded solution and about what makes us a great partner.

Use this piece to:

  • Introduce a client to Maestro Health.
  • Give a client an overview of our self-funded solution.
  • Show a client how Maestro Health is focused on service and quality.

Break up with Status Quo

A look at how we make the process of switching to a self-funded plan nice and easy.

Use this piece to:

  • Introduce Maestro Health as an independent TPA.
  • Re-engage with a client who would be a good fit.
  • Start a conversation about switching to a self-funded plan.
  • Illustrate what a TPA like Maestro Health needs from potential clients to help them make the switch.

RBP-PPO Dual Option Plan

An overview of our RBP-PPO dual option plan through Cigna.

Use this piece to:

  • Discuss alternative repricing options without having to go full RBP.
  • Discuss the network and repricing options with a self-funded health plan.
  • Highlight the flexibility of a self-funded health plan with Maestro Health.

In-House Clinical Care Management

An overview of our integrated approach to care management, featuring testimonials from members.

Use this piece to:

  • Show clients the impact of an in-house wellness program.
  • Highlight Maestro Health’s approach to care management.
  • Illustrate the benefits of working with an independent TPA that has in-house services.

RBP Insights: Hospital Billing Margins

An at-a-glance look at how top hospitals in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area are padding healthcare bills compared to Medicare’s standard reimbursement rate.

Use this piece to:

  • Educate clients on Reference Based Pricing (RBP).
  • Highlight how alternative repricing strategies help clients regain control of their healthcare costs.
  • Showcase transparency into the volatility of costs in a local market.

High-Value Narrow Network

An overview of the details and availability of our high-value narrow network options.

Use this piece to:

  • Highlight a cost saving strategy for your client.
  • Discuss the network solutions Maestro Health has available.
  • Illustrate the value of a local network option alongside a national PPO or wrap network.


Why Maestro Health is Different

A detailed look at how Maestro Health is more than your average Third Party Administrator (TPA).

Use this piece to:

  • Discuss switching from a carrier or different TPA to Maestro Health
  • Showcase why Maestro Health is the best fit for your client
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