The sweetest UT FLEX competition starting this Open EnROLLment. 

the top 7 things you need to know about "roll with it" competition:

1. The competition has multiple phases (or mini competitions) lasting throughout the year.  

2.  Your office (as a team) will compete against all other UT institutions.

3. Phase One details are below.  All other phases will be launched after Phase One is completed.

4. Phase One is only through open enROLLment: July 1- 31.

5. Awesome employee communication tools will be available on July 1. (See below)

6.  Phase One WINNER gets a cinnamon roll breakfast for their office and a catered lunch of choice...and bragging rights amongst other institutions.  

7.  Overall WINNER (announced at next year's Benefit Conference) will get presented with the ultimate bragging rights trophy...drumroll please... Check it out below.  

Tools to help you win.

We know traditional employee communications are boring and ineffective. That's why we've got some pretty cool tools coming your way. On July 1, you will have access to the tools below - all of which can be personalized to fit the needs of your institution's employees, so you can talk their talk in the ways they like to be talked to.

Available Now:

Resources for you (not For your employees) to download:

Our Transition Flyer.

We get it. Transitioning to a new vendor can be difficult. That’s why we have a transition plan that will make it smooth and easy for you and all UT employees. Download our Transition Flyer now to learn more about how you can make your life easier this enrollment season. (More transition details to come.)




Our ROLL With It Competition Flyer.

Download our ROLL With It Competition Flyer for everything you need to know about how to prepare, compete and win big during this open enrollment season.

Phase One. What you need to know.

Goal:  To be The institution with the highest percentage of increased UT flex enrollment. 

Date: July 1- 31, 2016 (aka UT Open Enrollment)

Step 1 - ROLL OUT.

Access your new UT FLEX communication tools (available July 1 on this page), and customize them to the unique needs of your institution and people. 


During open enrollment, get your members enrolling in UT FLEX programs faster than they can say "Another cinnamon roll, please!" 

Step 3 - WIN.

Cinnamon rolls, of course. The institution with the highest percentage of increased UT FLEX enROLLment will win a lifetime supply of cinnamon rolls. JK.  You will win a cinnamon roll breakfast and a fully catered lunch for your office. Bragging rights and smack talking allowed by winners to other institutions following your WINNER announcement.

The Ultimate Winner.

Keep the competitive spirit ROLLing year-round with a set of phases/mini competitions. Phase Two will be announced after we declare a winner for Phase One, and so on. Each phase will have its own winner and prizes.    

*Look out for Phase Two details to come post-open enrollment.

The Ultimate Prize. The institution who wins the most overall phases/mini competitions OR with the highest overall increased participation average will win the ultimate prize: a ROLL With It trophy to show off at next year’s Benefits Conference. 

We will award the trophy to the ROLL With It Champion Institution at the 2017 Benefits Conference.  (And yes, there will be cinnamon rolls involved.)  

Now ROLL With It.