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When: HR Southwest

When: Tuesday, October 29 from 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

More Data, Greater Responsibility: Protecting Your Employees’ Information

As healthcare has become the second or third largest expense for most employers, the prevalence of the self-funded plan model has grown significantly, allowing employers and employees to have more cost control and engaging benefits options. As a result, HR departments have access to a significant amount of their employee population’s personal health information (PHI); and with that PHI comes the responsibility to protect it. Gone are the days of operationally separate HR, IT and compliance divisions – now these once-discordant departments are expected to work in tandem to secure, store and manage employee information on an ongoing basis. In this session, participants will walk through everything they need to know about securing employee PHI, regarding compliance, communication and collaboration.

  • Learn to collaborate with IT and compliance to select technology that assists all three in compliance efforts

  • Communicate the urgency of compliance to your organization

  • Leverage PHI data collected to create personalized health, benefits and wellness programs tailored to employees’ individual health and financial needs