Find us in Pittsburgh.

What: Pittsburgh Business Group on Health Symposium

When: Thursday, September 12

Sheryl Simmons, CHRO

We’ll be hanging out in the Expo Hall, so feel free to schedule an onsite meet up, here. Plus, our CHRO, Sheryl Simmons, will be educating other CHROs and HR professionals on how to get a seat at the C-Suite table at 9:00 AM.

Session Info:
How to Take Your Seat at the C-Suite Table and Maximize It”

Chief Human Resource Officers have unparalleled insight into an organization – they know what makes a company tick and have unique visibility into the core key performance indicators of a business’s success. Therefore, it is essential HR leaders learn how to effectively communicate their insights to have impact in the C-Suite.

In this employer-led session, Sheryl Simmons, Chief Human Resources and Chief Compliance Officer at Maestro Health, will cover why HR needs to have – and maintain – a seat at the C-Suite table to strengthen the core of a business and drive business objectives.

Learn how to:

  • Leverage your organization’s most valuable asset – its people – in the C-Suite

  • Find and analyze the right numbers to tell you story through “people data” and better predict future health outcomes

  • Run your benefits like a business by tapping resources and tools that streamline and personalize employee benefits to support and impact C-Suite goals, including retention, recruitment, productivity and operations

  • Be more strategic and less tactical in the approach to people management