We're "Mad" About UT FLEX.

As The University of Texas System's UT FLEX (FSA) provider, we’re saying "cheers" to UT FLEX with their 300+ benefits coordinators.

WHAT: The 21st Annual UT System Benefits and Human Resources Conference (BHRC). This year's theme for BHRC was “Mid-century Modern.” Adding a twist of our own, we decided to groove our way into our third year of partnership with The University of Texas System “Mad Men” style. At our booth, attendees can interact with members from our team, take a survey to find out which “Mad Men” character they are, and take selfies with a Maestro Health martini glass in hand. 

WHERE: Austin, TX

WHEN: June 27-29, 2018

WHY: Connecting face-to-face with our client’s Benefit Coordinators/HR Team is key to our relationship and the success of member engagement. 

Two years ago, we launched the ROLL With It competition in which Benefit Coordinators were challenged to increase enrollment and encourage hassle-free behavior for their members by using the tools we created such as an employee microsite, text messages, educational flyers, posters, postcards, videos and more. BHRC marks the end of the annual ROLL With It competition where we announce the overall winner. Stay tuned to find out who the winner of the 2018-19 ROLL With It competition is.