Learn why self-funded captives are here to stay

WHAT: A Web Seminar - Breaking the stereotype: Why self-funded captives are here to stay

DETAILS: Tuesday, August 6 at 2 PM ET/ 11 AM PT

It’s the most traditional paradox to ever exist: Your clients want to reduce their benefits costs, but they don’t want the additional risk. If this sounds familiar, their solution may be self-funded captive insurance.

By bringing a captive option to your clients, you can help them control claims and better manage risk. Not to mention, by helping clients make the switch and save on their benefits costs, you can create more stability and easier renewals.

Join these thought leaders as they dive into everything you need to use self-funded captives to your advantage and help your clients move to this approach. Because chances are, if you aren’t bringing the idea to your clients, someone else will.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Understand the different types of captive insurance models so you can help clients find the best fits for their organization

  • Identify the tools you’ll need to help clients transition to a self-funded captive model

  • Hear real-life examples from Everlong on what is and isn’t working in the world of captives

Featured Presenters:

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