Info Sheet

Funding Breakdowns

See how self-funding stacks up.

Going self-funded gives you more control, transparency and flexibility when it comes to your health plan and healthcare costs. We broke down the different health plan types to help you compare the benefits of self-funding with Maestro Health to what you experience with fully insured, level-funded and self-funding with a carrier or another TPA. Our self-funded benefits solution is designed to put you in control of your costs with more resources, more data transparency and a lot less red tap.

Here are some of the key benefits of a self-funded health plan:

  • Flexible plan designs that meet the needs of your business and health plan members.
  • Ability to plug-and-play with vendors of your choice.
  • Access to your data to provide key plan insights, like utilization and cost drivers.
  • Cost management strategies, like network and repricing solutions.

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