A Revolutionary Way to View Benefits.


It's time to view employee benefits as a valuable asset instead of just another headache. It's time to decode the jumbled mess of vendors and solutions in this post-ACA world of employee benefits. Time to clarify the cloudy and make benefits work together again. We think the solution is simple. To decode the mess and get the most out of your benefits, you need ONE partner. ONE service team. ONE solution.


That's why Maestro Health has designed the only technology-meets-service platform delivering the most complete, all-in employee health & benefits solution for brokers and employers. We bring all the confusing, sometimes messy, pieces together (private exchange marketplace, online enrollment, self-funded solutions, compliance, healthcare savings accounts, billing and care management) onto a single platform to optimize the benefits experience for everyone. 

We are reimagining employee health & benefits by delivering more than you ever thought possible.

4 Steps to Benefits Optimized.

we aim to make benefits "people-friendly" again by optimizing the experience.

Where Technology-Meets-Service. 

At Maestro Health, we believe that the best technology shouldn't come without the best service. Of course, our systems look awesome and are delightfully intuitive, but we don't just leave you high and dry after implementation. We're dedicated to supporting you around the clock through every step, every change, every question—not only during enrollment, but the other 364 days as well.




After countless hours designing an effortless user experience and powerful back-end technology, we've developed the most flexible private exchange, online enrollment and benefits administration platform in the industry—maestroEDGE.

maestroEDGE's modular technology and pre-built configurations allow you to build your own benefits marketplace in minutes from the comfort of your own office. Also, the same smart technology enables pain-free integration of all your benefits solutions, including our self-funded medical TPA (or yours too!). 

Our customers mean everything to us.

Across all verticals and regions, we've got it covered.