The only completely configurable private exchange marketplace to offer a personalized user experience with total customization, flexibility, comprehensive 1+364 support and the best decision tools.  maestroEDGE helps employees navigate the complex world of health and benefitsmaking decisions easier, experiences happier and lives healthier.  When it comes to employee health and benefits, all you need to do is SHOP. ENROLL. LIVE.



Build your own marketplace. 

Easily build your own benefits store by selecting from our product warehouse. Since we've already done all the hard work, simply pick out your configurations and let our technology do the rest. Employees can shop for their benefits in the most familiar way possible. 


Enroll with Swagger. 

Built-in enrollment and communication tools help you easily track participation, costs and engagement. Employees get an effortless enrollment experience and walk away confident, knowing they made the best decision for themselves and their families. 


1+364 support. 

Because health never stops. We aren't only there for you during enrollment; we're here to help the other 364 days of the year too. Our dedicated service team keeps your people informed, engaged and happy, while you remain headache free.