Employee health & benefits, all on one platform: maestroEDGE.

maestroEDGE is our owned and operated employee health & benefits platform.

The synergy formed by a personalized, comprehensive health & benefits platform is what empowers our clients to achieve more with their employee health & benefits than ever before.

Don't need to go all-in right now? No worries. Each solution is built to stand alone, so you can simply choose your solution(s) à la carte.


The solutions of maestroEDGE:

HR Management: Your comprehensive HR solution that combines Benefits Marketplace with the best of benefits administration, key HR processes, ACA Compliance and more.

Benefits Marketplace: Your personalized private exchange and online enrollment solution for benefits shopping, employee engagement and year-round management.

Benefit Accounts: Your single consumer-driven account solution (HSA, FSA) that makes each account easy to choose, access and manage year-round.

Self-Funded Insurance: Your modern insurance solution that integrates the best of traditional TPA services with the best technology experience and in-house care management.

Powered by mBRAIN.


mBRAIN is our data analytics super machine behind a smarter, optimized employee health & benefits experience.

mBRAIN analyzes health history, e-commerce stats, demographics and unique lifestyle stats to not only recommend personalized plans to employees, but also to drive deeper insights for employers throughout the year in each of our solutions.

Live. +364. 


Managing benefits is a year-round process.

We believe you and your employees deserve year-round solutions, not just enrollment technology. maestroEDGE drives engagement and offers personalized services to guide you through every change, every challenge, every day of the year.

Wellness programs, nurse coaches, benefits management, reporting & analytics, education, employee communications, personal support, and more - right at your fingertips.