April 12, 2019


Transformation Office Q&A

Hi, Maestronites! Since our acquisition by AXA last year, we’ve focused on four key initiatives to drive company growth. As you may remember from our Q1 Town Hall, Rob mentioned that we’ve now updated those initiatives and have established the Transformation Office to ensure we meet our goals. As a refresher, here are those updated initiatives:

  • Sales model and strategy

  • Operational scale and execution

  • Product progression

  • Account management

Anshu Tulsiani heads up the Transformation Office, so we asked her to tell us a little more about what she and the rest of the team are doing. Check it out:

Q: Hi, Anshu! Can you tell us a little about your role with the Transformation Office?

A: As most of you know, I was with Maestro Health back in 2016-17. During my stint, I was responsible for managing the delivery of our (me)BENEFITS ADMIN 1.0, (me)ACA SERVICES and Variable Hour Tracking (VHT) solutions. I come from a techno-functional background, and over the years, I’ve specialized in program/portfolio management, so this role with the Transformation Office was very much in-line with my expertise.

My role as Senior Director of the Transformation Office is to ensure successful implementation of the four key initiatives tied to our company’s strategy. We are creating an ecosystem within Maestro Health that is highly focused on developing solutions that are market differentiators and revenue drivers. The Transformation Office collaborates with the entire company to guarantee successful achievement of these initiatives. 

As you may recall from our most recent Town Hall, Rob mentioned the hiring growth plan for 2019. We are growing at a rate of 25%, which consequently requires more structure for our company. That being said, ensuring we have people, policy and procedures in place for expansion is an aspect of the Transformation Office.

I am very excited about this opportunity and thrilled to be part of the Maestro Health family again.

Q: Who initiated the Transformation Office and why exactly was it started?

A: The Transformation Office is a vision of Rob and Nancy. This office is a governing body working collaboratively across the company. Each team has their respective goals and action items that align with our overall strategy and successful execution of our four key initiatives’ plan of action.

Setting up the plan is the starting point. Successful execution of the plan is the end result. The intent of the Transformation Office is to be a catalyst in the journey between the starting and ending point. As one team, we hold each other accountable for successful delivery of the plan, and we are transparent on painting the picture for the executive team at Maestro Health and AXA. We raise early alarms, we ask for help, we do active risk management, we look ahead, and we act in the present.  

Q: Where is the Transformation Office located?

A: All team members are based in our corporate headquarters, Chicago (as of now), but as needed, we will travel to other Maestro Health locations.

Q: Who else is a part of the Transformation Office and what business units do they represent?

A: The Transformation Office is a team under the direction of Nancy Reardon. Other than me, we will have two project managers driving successful implementation of key projects under our management. This team will be partnering with and engaging all areas of the company spanning from Product, Technology, Sales, Operations, Compliance, Security, Marketing and Recruiting.  

Q: Can you break down what each of the key initiatives mean?

  •  The sales model and strategy initiative focuses on how we can bring in more accuracy in forecasting our revenue pipeline. We are ramping the Sales Team and bringing in experts on Health Plan Management (self-funded). Strategizing the overall sales game plan for expansion and growth is the key agenda for this initiative.

  • The operational scale and execution initiative is focused on bringing in scalability and higher operational efficiencies. Setting up new policies and procedures that help support our growth. It calls for increased focus on empowering the team with the right set of trainings. A primary measure under this is to strengthen relationships with clients and deploy strategic review protocols. It also involves upgrading and implementing Salesforce as a single source of truth across Marketing, Sales, Account Management, Finance and Customer Service.

  • The product progression initiative is the foundation for overall company strategy. Our focus is to strengthen our domain expertise and enforce rigor and discipline in core functionality development of our (me)BENEFITS ADMIN 2.0 solution and Reference-based Pricing.

  • Lastly, the account management initiative focuses on bringing in efficiencies by EDI automations, introducing tools and processes for call center forecasting and optimization, and designating subject matter experts for our (me)SELF-FUNDED BENEFITS and (me)BENEFITS ADMIN 2.0 solutions.

That is a high-level view of all 4 key initiatives. The impact for each one of them is widespread, and they are all tightly coupled for the overall success.

Q: What are the key projects the Transformation Office is working on?

A: The key projects under management that the Transformation Office is actively working are:

  • (me)BENEFITS ADMIN 2.0

  • Reference-based Pricing

  • Salesforce.com roll-out

  • Single source of client truth – CRM

  • EDI dashboards - self funded

  • EDI automation

  • Custodial accounting

  • Provider tools/website

  • Overall hiring management

Q: How is the Transformation Office measuring its success?

A: The Transformation Office is an enabler for other functions to carry out their goals successfully. We help remove roadblocks, mitigate risks and fast-track decision making if required. Therefore, our success ties closely with the success of the teams in delivering on their commitments in achieving the plan.

In terms of quantifying, we have established success and early-warning metrics and have dedicated project management for all key projects under management:

  • Successful completion of action items against the plan

  • Budget and effort: planned vs. actuals

  • Active risk management

  • Expedite hiring – full-time and consultants 

Q: How long will the Transformation Office exist?

A: The Transformation Office is a governance body. The current focus of this office is driving the successful implementation of the action plans within the four key initiatives. While most of them will be completed in 2019, the bigger plans span into 2020 and 2021.

In the years to come, I see the role of the Transformation Office expanding to look at other aspects of business by working closely with Rob and the Executive Team to identify areas for continued profitable growth, synergies and efficiencies.

Q: How does the Transformation Office affect me?

A: The key projects under management and initiatives that the Transformation Office is managing are directly/indirectly related to building and operationalizing a competitive and growing Maestro Health. No matter what team you are on, there is a high chance that what you do is encapsulated in the one or more of the sixty-two current action items from the four initiatives. These are actionable items with sponsors, owners, plan, success metrics and deliverables.

Rather than saying the Transformation Office is affecting anyone, I would instead say that your contributions to these key initiatives positively impact the overall agenda of The Transformation Office and Maestro Health’s strategy.

Q: If I have more questions about the Transformation Office, where should I go?

A: I would be happy to answer any follow up questions via email. Updates from The Transformation Office are also relayed via Rob’s vlogs, Rob’s managerial Zoom meetings and our quarterly Town Halls.