It’s on. 

Kicking off our this year’s mCHIP competition, we are opening up the competition to everyone, clients, partners, family, friends – everyone.

What is an mCHIP?

mCHIP /em-chip/ n. 1. Everyones lucky poker chip – to be kept in pocket at all times. It has become a tradition for good luck, you will rarely find our CEO, Rob, without it. Our ongoing competition inspires not only Maestronites, but also their families, friends, clients and others to take their mCHIP on their travels, with a prize awarded for best photo at the end of the year.

HowToPlay_Icon-01 (1).png


1. Take a picture featuring your mCHIP.

2. Upload the picture to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn tagging @maestrohealth and #mCHIP.

3. Include the photo's location and the names of anyone in the photo in the caption. 

4. Make sure to email your picture to once you've posted to social.

Winner_Icon-01 (1).png


The best mCHIP photo will be announced quarterly and will receive a $100 Amazon gift card. All photos will be considered for the grand prize, a $500 Amazon gift card, at the end of the year. 


Need some inspiration? 

Check out our live Instagram feed here OR visit our mCHIP Facebook album to see past years' submissions. 

Take a look at last year's winner. 


Last Year’s #mCHip Winner

Meg Scharf at The Acropolis of Athens in Greece.