Maestro Health Differentiator Sheet

You’re More than a Broker

We’re not your average TPA.

Healthcare costs are out of control. You’re looking for innovative solutions to help lower costs and design benefits around the needs of employers and their employees.

Maestro Health is doing benefits differently.

When you work with us, you’re not getting just another TPA. You’re working with a partner who’s as invested in transforming the healthcare experience as you are by building plan designs around employees, not insurance company profits.

Here’s a sneak peek at what sets us apart from the status quo:

  • We give your clients access to their claims data at no extra charge. We help you and your clients dig deep into the numbers to understand what’s driving costs and when to target the right care for each employee.
  • We have in-house, personalized care management. Our comprehensive care management program helps reconnect people with their healthy, whether they’re struggling with a chronic condition or looking for healthier habits.
  • We have custom employee engagement solutions. We help your clients target health plan education all year round with our educational marketing strategies and user-friendly materials.

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