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Maestro Health is more than a TPA. What does that mean for you? Better healthcare outcomes and lower costs.

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Traditional healthcare models aren’t working.

Skyrocketing costs, a lack of administration tools and dysfunctional care management leave employers with little control over their health plan and members with no support and few resources.

We meet our clients where they’re at so you they can experience a self-funded benefits solution that works for them, not the other way around.

Meet your new self-funded benefits solution.

We believe that a functional self-funded benefits solution is built upon strong cost management strategies, people-focused clinical care management and truly supportive administrative services—because a health plan doesn’t exist without them.

People-Focused Clinical Care Management

We’ve brought our clinical care services in-house to deliver a seamless care experience using a tech-meets-service approach, from communication and coordination to long-term maintenance. Our people-focused approach to self-funded benefits addresses health and wellbeing year-round, not just at open enrollment, to help people on their healthcare journey—just the way a health plan should.

Better Administrative Services

We arm our clients with the tools, support and service they need to deliver a benefits experience that actually works. We pride ourselves on our financial accuracy and creating a quality experience for our clients. and we have the numbers to prove it. Our average NPS score of 30 and our 99.95% accuracy with claims payments are just two examples of how focused we are on the details.

More Control Over Cost Management

Our modern approach to self-funded benefits is designed to put you right where you belong—in control of your healthcare costs. We’re arming our clients with better cost management tools that offer more transparency and less hassle, from provider network partners to out-of-network repricing.

Our Self-funded Plan Design

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Customer Service Spotlight

Meet one of our fantastic Customer Advocate team members, Areisha Collins. She supports our members, client experience managers and brokers with any issues that may arise.

Read about what makes Areisha’s job so rewarding and how she assures members are receiving top-notch support at all times.

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Who We Are 

Maestro Health is a tech-enabled TPA for employee health and benefits—on a mission to humanize employee health and benefits while lowering costs and improving outcomes.

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Maestro Health Analytics™

With both at-a-glance and in-depth reporting, our Maestro Health Analytics platform provides clients with data on plan benefits and usage, high-cost claims and overall trends reporting.

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Our Key Differentiators

Status quo won’t cut it. We partner closely with employers and their trusted advisors to provide the tools and support employers and their members need.

6 ways we do self-funded benefits better.

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5 Reasons to Move to a Self-Funded Health Plan

5 Reasons to Move to a Self-Funded Health Plan

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What A Self-Funded Plan Looks Like

What A Self-Funded Plan Looks Like

Choosing the right health plan model can be confusing (at best). When there are so many options out there and little information to help you understand the benefits available to you, it can be easy to just settle for the familiar fully insured option. But let’s face...