The Poor Health of America’s Healthcare System

What many of us experience today isn’t what healthcare should be.

Healthcare today is confusing and expensive.

Maestro Health surveyed over 1,000 Americans to understand the symptoms that many Americans struggle with when it comes to affording, using and understanding their care options.

Overall, our data shows that many are disengaged with their benefits due to a lack of support, affordable care and resources. Even more concerning are the choices many are faced with when it comes to getting the care they need: their health or their financial security?

Here’s a look at some of the hard-hitting stats we found:

  • 70% feel that today’s healthcare system is difficult to navigate.
  • 55% have avoided seeking out care due to cost.
  • 75% don’t think insurers have their best interests in mind.
  • 65% don’t understand their medical bills.
  • 54% don’t think their HR team knows enough about their benefits to help them.

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