Beyond the Pretty Shopping Cart.

What's a pretty cart without a powerful engine under the hood?

When it comes to benefits, you (and those you provide them to) deserve better than fancy enrollment tools.  You need a smart engine built specifically for painless back-end configurations and integrations.  Putting together a pretty cart is simple. Engineering technology that integrates your complex customizations flawlesslynot so simple. Good thing we’ve got both covered. 

It's all good under our hood.  Our proprietary technology is designed with limitless options adaptable to your needs.  All the hard work has already been done.  Our team has been constructing complex configurations for employers and brokers for the past 15 years. We’ve taken that knowledge and built it directly into our platform, so our “standard product” now includes those years of complexities and customizations. 

Build Your Own Marketplace. 

We won’t start you with a blank slate.  You don’t have to pay us for work we’ve already done. Your personalized configurations have already been coded into our system, essentially eliminating nickel-and-dime costs and extra-long implementation timelines. Can’t find what you need? Our service team is on hand to help deliver your optimal solution.

Modular solutions. You have the option to pick and choose what solutions are right for you.  Go with an entire integrated, all-in Maestro Health solution (i.e. self-funded exchange, healthcare savings accounts, care management and billing), or choose what you need right now à la carte. 

We don't need all the glory, as long as you get the right solution.  Our full white-label capabilities allow you to brand maestroEDGE as your own with the click of the button. 

Concierge set-up or self-service.  Let us handle set-up for you, or we offer plenty of training materials for Do-It-Yourselfers.