Meet your new best friend.

The days of manual processes are over. You didn't get into HR for the endless stacks of paperwork. You deserve a solution that automates the mundane tasks so you and your team can focus on what really matters – your people. 

(me)PEOPLE MANAGEMENT™ is your employee management solution designed to automate the most utilized HR processes. Our solution handles the dirty work, so you can have more time for the job you really love.


Made by HR, for HR.

Created by HR professionals, (me)PEOPLE MANAGEMENT simplifies the most common tasks that bog down HR teams, while ensuring accuracy and top-notch client-service. Designed to be intuitive, our solution includes a hassle-free setup that can be easily customized to meet your unique needs.


So much more than on-boarding.

1 Personalize new hire experiences. 
On-boarding processes are easy-peasy and can be tailored specifically to your new hire's role, work schedule and compensation package.

2 Effortlessly manage tasks.
Create and manage tasks to make regular processes like open enrollment a breeze with our pre-built task library or simply create your own workflow.

3 Toss your IRS forms in the trash. 
Rather than filling out tedious I-9 and W-4 forms, your new people can simply answer a few questions and submit an automatically populated form for approval.

4 Conveniently store your documents. 
Keep all employee documentation in one, easy-to-use location to stay organized and productive. 

"We've got your back" service.

The best technology should always be paired with the best service. You'll never need to settle now that you have a modern employee management solution paired with the service you've always deserved.