Dr. Peter Hudson is a physician and entrepreneur with over 15 years experience founding and growing healthcare-related businesses. His focus has been on creating efficiencies within the healthcare delivery system, and empowering healthcare consumers with technology. 

Dr. Hudson has been a serial entrepreneur with multiple exits (to both public and private companies), a healthcare investment banker with both sell-side and buy-side experience, and has served as the managing partner of large emergency medical practices. His last venture, iTriage, was considered the first significant exit in the digital health space, and has fas the come the leading personal healthcare technology with more than 13 million downloads. 

Dr. Hudson is a frequent speaker on healthcare and technology, and was recognized as one of 12 Entrepreneurs Reinventing Healthcare in CNN Money in 2012, was awarded the Colorado Technology Association's 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year, and was selected as guest of the First Lady at the 2013 State of the Union Address representing leadership in healthcare innovation. 

Dr. Hudson currently serves as Chairman of the Board at EMP, one of the nation's largest acute care physician management organizations, and is on the board of directors for both private equity backed Maestro Health and the Science and Technology Advisory Board (STAB) at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).