Info Sheet

Key Differentiators

We’re putting people first.

That’s why we’ve built our self-funded solution using a tech-enabled approach to truly lower costs, improve member health outcomes and modernize the benefits experience. We work closely with brokers and employers to provide them with the tools and support HR teams and members need.

Here’s how we’re doing things differently:

  • “We’ve got your back” service, like one number to call for help and dedicated client account managers
  • In-house clinical care management to help our members connect with their health
  • Mindful claims auditing so you’re not stuck paying more than you should
  • Actionable data analytics and tools to arm you with critical insights to control costs and improve the benefits experience for everyone
  • Modernized member engagement solutions that are proven to increase overall engagement all year long
  • People-focused repricing strategies to connect you and your members with quality care at a fair price

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