Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health plays a large role in a person’s wellbeing, yet most traditional health plan models aren’t designed to support employees’ needs.

We surveyed 2,000+ American workers to understand the relationship between mental health and the workplace.

Here’s a sneak peek at the what we learned:

  • Conversations about mental health are happening. Overall, over half of respondents feel comfortable talking to their coworkers about their mental health. And 49% are willing to talk to their managers.

  • Smaller companies appear to be paving the way for mental wellbeing at work. Companies with 250 or fewer report lower mental health stigma and higher availability of resources and education.

  • Stress and burnout are still real factors in a person’s wellbeing. Over 60% of those surveyed said that they experience stress at least once a week and 42% say it significantly impacts their ability to do their job.

  • Over half of those surveyed said they don’t receive enough support or resources from their employer about managing their mental health or stress. We also looked at how people use their PTO (or why they don’t) and what resources and support they’d like to see their employer offer.

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