Congrats, UT Health at Tyler, on winning Phase 3 of the UT FLEX ROLL With It Competition! 

Your sweet prize will be ROLLing in soon.

And the winner of the entire ROLL With It Competition is...

Well, we can't tell you just yet. But we can tell you that we'll be awarding the institution who won the most overall phases with the ultimate prize: a ROLL With It Trophy. Find out next week at the 20th Annual Benefits & Human Resources Conference.

When: June 15th at 12:30 PM

Where: The Ballroom

Coming in hot — The 2017/2018 ROLL With It Competition

the top 6 things you need to know about the 2018 "roll with it" competition:

1. The competition has multiple phases (or mini competitions) lasting throughout the year.  

2.  Your office (as a team) will compete against all other UT institutions.

3. The WINNER of each phase gets a cinnamon roll breakfast for their office and a catered lunch of choice... and bragging rights amongst other institutions.  

4. The WINNER of the entire competition (announced at next year's Benefit Conference) will get presented with the ultimate bragging rights trophy.

5. Awesome employee communication tools are coming soon.

6.  We asked UT FLEX members for their feedback (the good, bad and ugly) on their experiences so far to help us ROLL out the details of the competition phases for this Plan Year. Check it out below.

Tools to help you win.

We know traditional employee communications are boring and ineffective. That's why we've got some pretty cool tools for you to download coming soon. 

Phase 1-6. What you need to know.

The ultimate goal: To be the institution with who wins the most overall Phases/mini competitions to win the ultimate prize: A Roll with it trophy to show off at next year's benefits conference.  

Phase 1 (July 6 - July 31)

Goal: Increase UT FLEX enrollment

Phase 2 (August 1 - September 30)

Goal: Increase Maestro Health mSAVE Mobile app downloads

Phase 3 (October 1 - November 30)

Goal: Increase receipt uploads via the Maestro Health mSAVE Mobile app

Phase 4 (January 1 - February 28)

Goal: Increase UT FLEX account alert signups. 

Phase 5 (March 1 - April 30 )

Goal: Increase UT FLEX Healthcare fund usage

Phase 6 (May 1 - June 1)

Goal: Increase UT FLEX Dependent Care fund usage

Now ROLL With It.