Self-Funded Benefits

Your Self-Funded Benefits Partner.

Control costs and improve health outcomes with our self-funded benefits solution.  

Health plans designed with real people in mind.

We help employers and their trusted advisors design and administer self-funded benefits to meet health plan members’ distinct needs.

At Maestro Health, we pair data and technology with a human-centric approach to health benefits so employers can:

  • Control and reduce healthcare costs over time
  • Inform decision-making with greater claims transparency, data and provider access
  • Improve members’ health outcomes through enhanced clinical care management 

Start building your solution.

Our self-funded benefits solution is:

Driven by Data

Unlike other self-funded TPAs or big insurers, we provide our clients with access to their members’ health data. When armed with the right information, employers can make better decisions around health benefits and establish engagement strategies that make a real impact on cost-savings and wellbeing.

Supported by Service

Get what’s needed with just one number to call. We make it easy for employers and their health plan members to contact our knowledgeable team—whether it’s customer support, clinical care management or client experience, Maestro Health is waiting for you on the other end of the line.

Devised to be Different

Our in-house experts are committed to the seamless delivery of employee healthcare benefits. We help employers and their advisors design and implement configurable plans, accessible through our My Benefits platform, to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for members.

Self-funded health benefits made better.

Our solution is built around the three core components of an innovative self-funded health plan—administrative services, clinical care management and cost management. Our offerings allow employers and advisors to optimize their benefits plans to drive better health outcomes at a lower cost.

Administrative Services

We offer support and guidance on behalf of employers. Focus on the people and the business—we’ve got the rest.

  • Plan, claims & eligibility management
  • Member education & support
  • Web portal & mobile app
  • Analytics & reporting

Clinical Care Management

Costs decrease when members are healthier. That’s why we focus on helping people be healthier before something goes wrong.

  • Overall wellbeing
  • Utilization review & ​pre-certification 
  • Chronic & complex condition management
  • Acute case management

Cost Management

Our team works with advisors and employers to lower costs by finding optimized solutions that do not compromise quality of care.

  • Provider network access options
  • Out-of-network repricing management
  • PBM maintenance
  • Alternative reimbursement & access strategies

Support doesn’t stop at open enrollment.

No one enjoys endless phone trees, line transfers and dropped calls—especially when looking for help. Our customer support services are designed with that in mind. With Maestro Health as your TPA, employers and their members get:

  • Just one number to call
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Multidisciplinary clinical team
  • Customer service specialists who seek a first-call resolution

We pride ourselves on helping health plan members access their benefits. Because they deserve one-call support. They deserve clarity. They deserve a team dedicated to helping them find their healthy.

We pave the way for better health plans.

Healthcare should be easier for everyone. Unfortunately, the big insurers have created a convoluted concoction of jargon, forms and processes that use obfuscation to conceal and mislead (see what we did there?).

In human speak, they make it complicated.

We make it simple. Here’s how the process works at Maestro Health.

  • Brokers & consultants review health plan options with employers
  • Employer and health plan members’ needs shape health plan design
  • Members learn how to access the care they need to find their healthy (whatever that means for them) 
  • Everyone finds ways to control costs and live better

Build a better benefits solution.

Self-funded benefits might sound complicated, but in the end it’s about putting people’s health and wellbeing first. Work with us to create a healthier workforce.

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