Self-Funded Benefits

Cost Management.

Choose what’s best for your people and your company’s bottom line.

We give you the power to take control of your healthcare costs and manage your own decisions. From ensuring you and your members aren’t paying outrageous healthcare claims costs to giving you more insight into cost drivers and savings opportunities, the cost management component of our self-funded solution is designed to arm you with the tools and support you need to deliver a better benefits experience for everyone—because no two people or businesses are alike.

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Here are some of the ways we help you take control:

  • Provider network partners
  • Out-of-network repricing management
  • PBM maintenance for specialty, mail and retail
  • Alternative reimbursement strategies like reference-based pricing and direct contracting
  • Innovative access solutions like bundled surgeries, narrow networks and virtual care options
  • Quality and cost transparency tools
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Cut costs, not care.

When it comes to provider network administration, out-of-network repricing management, PBM maintenance, innovative access solutions and alternative reimbursement strategies, you can count on our seamless and efficient approach to cut costs without sacrificing quality.

Nobody should have to pay an unnecessary high-dollar claim.

We offer repricing services and claim auditing to ensure you’re never stuck paying more than you should.

Here are some of the ways we work with providers and our clients to keep prices fair and costs low:

  • In-network pricing – Access to a nation-wide network of providers and facilities.
  • Direct contracting with providers and facilities – Similar to working with a traditional network, claims are paid using rates agreed upon between the employer and the provider or facility.
  • Alternative reimbursement strategies – When it’s the right fit for our clients, claims are repriced to a fair and reasonable amount for providers and employees using industry baselines, like Medicare and Cost Plus.
  • Out-of-network repricing – Claims are repriced using methodologies like standard industry references, supplemental networks and negotiations.

Ready to see how we can help you increase your cost savings? See how we’re helping our clients see savings of up to 60% on their out-of-network claims.

Cost Management Audit

We love our partners.

We want to make sure your self-funded solution fits your needs. We’re integrated with several PBMs and networks. And we’ve carefully curated a set of point solution partners who meet our rigorous security and service standards. With proper lead time, we can even integrate with other solution partners if you have favorites.

Self-funded health benefits made better.

Our solution is built around the three core components of an innovative self-funded health plan—administrative services, clinical care management and cost management. Our offerings allow employers and advisors to optimize their benefits plans to drive better health outcomes at a lower cost.

Administrative Services

We offer support and guidance on behalf of employers. Focus on the people and the business—we’ve got the rest.

  • Plan, claims & eligibility management
  • Member education & support
  • Web portal & mobile app
  • Analytics & reporting

Clinical Care Management

Costs decrease when employees are healthier. That’s why we focus on helping people be healthier before something goes wrong.

  • Overall wellbeing
  • Utilization review & ​pre-certification 
  • Chronic & complex condition management
  • Acute case management

Let’s cut costs together.

We’re here to provide you with a self-funded healthcare cost management solution that lowers costs and improves health outcomes. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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